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As we know that Blu-ray videos are replacing the standard DVD videos for they are sharper, brighter and more detailed. But the high definition (up to 1,920 x 1,080) video format requires higher processing power and probably more additional capabilities compared with the standard DVD. You may cost about $50.00 to pay for a Blu-ray, but still are disabled to play Bly-ray video on iPhone iPad because of the encryption AACS, BD+ copy protection technology and the video format limitation.

And the iPhone iPad now become such a huge giant that you always want to take along with you playing videos and music. You may also have this in mind: Blu-ray is so nice that I do want to put it on my iPhone iPad or iPod Touch instead of saving it only in computer. Is there any way to play Blu-ray on iPhone iPad freely?

No doubt, with the help of Air Playit – free Blu-ray video streaming software from Digiarty, you now can effortlessly play Blu-ray video on iPhone iPad. Because each Blu-ray is guarded with encryption, you should first decrypt it with WinX Blu-ray Decrypter.

The Assistant Software that Encrypts Blu-ray to M2TS Video Format

WinX Blu-ray Decrypter can remove all Blu-ray protections (including encryption AACS, BD+ copy protection), decrypt Blu-ray to hard drive and rip Blu-ray discs to M2TS file set. This prevents your Blu-ray video from any physical damage or loss so that you can fully stream Blu-ray video to iPhone iPad.

How to Free Streaming Blu-ray Video to iPhone iPad?

Before you free streaming Blu-ray video to iPhone iPad with Air Playit, make sure you have install the Air Playit server on your PC and the app client on your iPhone/iPad.

Step One: Run Air Playit server on your computer. Add the Blu-ray M2TS video that you want to stream to the server Shared Folder.

Air Playit server

Step Two: Run the Air Playit client on your iPhone iPad. The app client will automatically search your server address via WiFi, 3G/4G network. Or you can manually remote add the IP address. Your IP and Port information can be found in the server interface.

Air Playit client

Step Three: The app client will interact with the server and play the streaming videos over the air. You just need to tab the folder under the Server, click the Play button to watch Blu-ray video on iPhone iPad.

Air Playit client

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