Streaming Video Audio from PC/Hard Drive to Android

If you are the one who tired of continuously converting your favorite media files to Android supported video audio formats then porting them to your Android device from PC or if your SD card cannot stand any more heavy media files, may be it's time to try a new way.

After done lot of research I find this powerful yet free video streaming app for Android named Air Playit, a real-time media encoder and streamer that brings the most simple way of streaming video audio from PC/hard drive to Android device, so that you can play media content on Android device immediately. With it, you won't need to use up any of your precious storage space, and you can have access to a much wider variety of videos and audios than you could ever fit on your Android device.

Built in 320 different video/audio codecs, Air Playit can easily stream AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, MTS, M2TS, MOD, H.264/AVC, RMVB, HD TS, HD MOV, WMV HD Video to Android/iPad/iPhone with fast speed, you don't need to wait for the video to encode completely. Even better, there is no need to save the files to your device.

As for the video and audio quality of the streaming video, compared with other video streaming apps, Air Playit maintains the video and audio quality and streams crystal clear audio/video.

It works in two parts: a server app on your desktop and a client app for your mobile device. All you need to do is install the server application and add directories which you want to stream. The mobile client, when launched, automatically detects the server. Alternatively, you can manually add servers to the app by entering their names and local IP addresses.

Guide of Streaming Video Audio from PC/Hard Drive to Android

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