Streaming Videos/Audios via a Personal Video/Music Cloud Server

With the introduction of the technology and concept of cloud computing, capacity increase on the fly in real time has been successfully realized for years. Many people concerning about this technology may have heard of many famous cloud servers developed by several international tycoons, say, Google's cloud, Apple iCloud and Amazon's cloud.

Famous Cloud Services Using Cloud Computing

Generally speaking, Google's cloud is web-based, while Apple iCloud is app-based. Amazon cloud, more specifically, is a cloud-based service or a serial of cloud-related systems provided by For instance, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) by Amazon is kind of like renting virtual computers to the users to run their own computer Apps. In a word, these cloud servers are trying to help people download, upload, or access in part or whole their files, photos, movies, music, software or devices from the computer or provide other possible services such as reading and buying Ebooks (by Google) and computing (by Amazon) in a more convenient way.

A New Personal Video & Music Cloud Server - Air Playit

Anyway, each cloud in its own way has made an important contribution. In addition to Apple iCloud, Google's cloud and Amazon's cloud, a brand-new home cloud also stood out in the market called Air Playit. It is a personal video audio cloud server specially for streaming any video or music to iPhone, iPad and iTouch from the computers (PC or Mac). You can play on your iDevice all the interesting movies, audio/video files and music you have in the office, at your own home or even your friend's home without taking any space in your device.

With Air Playit, you can build your own video/music libraries based on your rich audio/video resources on all the computers available, and play home audios/videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod at ease without iTunes attached to your PC or Mac. This personal video & music cloud server makes online and offline conversions possible to allow instant and later playback of videos or music files stored at your home on your iOS device. Thanks to 320 audio/video codecs, it saves the endless waiting of format converting. Moreover, it is totally free of charge and easy to use.

How to Use this Personal Video Audio Cloud Server for Streaming Video and Music

Indeed, Air Playit is a home video/music cloud consisting of 2 parts, one designed to be installed on your PC or Mac, the other designed to run on your iDevice.

Step One: Download Air Playit server on your computer according to the OS edition of your computer (Windows or Mac), download Air Playit client on your iPhone/iPad, run this home cloud, and click "Add Folder" or "Add iTunes Playlist" to add your video or music to the "shared folders" to build your own personalized audio/video library.

Import Folder from Computer or iTunes Playlist

Step Two: Run Air Playit client on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, then the local servers will be recognized automatically in the presence of Bonjour connection; or, you can input remote IP address manually. You can also choose the connection type you need among local WiFi, Remote WiFi, 3G and 4G.


Step Three: Play videos/music on iPhone/iPad/iTouch through this free iPhone/iPad video streaming cloud right away.


The most competitive feature of Air Playit is the ability of playing unlimited videos on iPhone iPad without waiting due to the live conversion function. Besides, you can also choose Offline Conversion so that you can play converted videos on iPhone iPad later when no network is accessible or demanded.

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